About us

Longling Capital is the equity investment institution founded by the famous angel investor Cai Wensheng, which aims to help more innovations and start-ups, and provide strong support for the innovation entrepreneurs of science and technology.

Longling Capital Mainly Focuses On The Internet And TMT Business Management Consultancy, Capital Investment, Financing Services, Financial Management, Involves In Investment Stages As Follows: Seed, Angel And Pre-A,Engages In The Pre-B, And Focuseson The Pre-IPO With Clear Withdrawal Plan Or Project That Is Somehow Mature.

Enterprise management consulting: the founder and team of Longling Capital Co., Ltd all have more than 10 years of industry experience, have the original opinion for industry development and prospects, in strategy and business level to be for enterprises to provide a good guide. At the same time, the company has developed a number of outstanding enterprises in the project invested by the company for many years. The company promotes the mutual learning and growth of project enterprises through organizational communication learning and orientation tutoring.

Our company’s investment capital mainly comes from the shareholders’ own capital, and mainly invests in the initial enterprises in the Internet and TMT. For enterprises that meet the target of investment, the company provides development funds for enterprises through equity investment. The investment capital of the company is invested in enterprise capital, which can effectively optimize the capital structure of the invested enterprise, and reduce the debt ratio and capital cost of the invested enterprises.

Our company mainly invests in the initial Internet technology enterprises. For he invested enterprises in the process of rapid expansion of their business will be funding needs, our company provides the invested enterprise overall financing planning services, and in the process of the invested enterprise financing, our company provides their timely help.

In addition, Longling Capital Co., Ltd has